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Frequently Asked Questions

Each applicant, licensee, or registrant is held responsible to read and follow all provisions of §17-100-101 et seq. and the ABESPA Rules and Regulations.

General Questions
Q. Who must be licensed?
A. Any person practicing speech-language pathology and/or audiology in the state of Arkansas must hold a state license unless s/he falls within the exemptions listed in §17-100-104
Q. Is ASHA membership required for state licensure?
A. No, you may be eligible for a license in Arkansas regardless of whether you hold current ASHA certification.
Q. May I practice prior to receiving a license in Arkansas?
A. If you hold a current certification with ASHA, you are allowed to practice as an applicant provided you submit appropriate application documents in the first 30 days of practice. If you hold licensure from a state with requirements at least equivalent to those required in Arkansas, you MAY qualify to practice prior to receiving your license.
Q. How soon must I apply for a license?
A. Persons entering the practice of speech-language pathology or audiology are required to submit an application for licensure along with certain other documents within the first 30 days of beginning practice in Arkansas. Under some circumstances, you may not be allowed to practice as an applicant.
Q. What are the fees for licensure?
A. The non-refundable application fee is $140.00. Renewal fee is $80.00. See Section 4 of the rules for a list of all fees.
Q. Must an audiologist hold licensure with both ABESPA and the Board of Hearing Instrument Dispensers to dispense hearing aids?
A. No, an Arkansas audiology license allows you to dispense hearing aids without dual licensure.
Q. How do I report changes in my name, address, employment or other information?
A. Changes must be reported in writing. You may submit a request for change by mail, email, or fax. In case of a name change, a new card will be printed only if specifically requested.
Q. I lost my card/wall certificate. How can I get a new one and is there a charge?
A. There is no charge for a new license card; however, a $20.00 charge is required for a new wall certificate.
Q. I need my Arkansas license verified to gain licensure in another state. Is there a fee?

Arkansas does not charge a fee for license verification. If a specific form is required, you may send the form by mail or fax; otherwise, a letter is sent to verify licensure.

Q. I need a Medicaid provider number, but do not have my license yet. What can I do?
A. When you submit your application materials to ABESPA, request that a “Medicaid letter” be sent back to you. This letter can then be sent with your application for a provider number. If you are a new graduate, you should submit this letter and a copy of your clinical fellowship year plan with your application to Medicaid. This will allow your employer to bill back to the first day of practice after issuance of your Arkansas license.
Q. Where can I find the 2007 ASHA Standards for Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology?
A. Please see:
Q. What are the continuing education requirements for maintaining ASHA Certificate in Clinical Competence?
A. Please see:
Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) Questions
Q. Must I hold a license during my Clinical Fellowship Year?
A. Yes, Arkansas requires that a provisional license be held during the clinical fellowship year.
Q. Can I begin my CFY prior to receiving my advanced degree?
A. No. Arkansas requires that applicants for licensure hold a master's or doctoral degree in speech-language pathology or audiology which encompasses the specific educational requirements.
Q. Must I report changes to my clinical fellowship year?
A. Yes. If your clinical fellowship year supervisor changes, you must complete a new CFY plan. Other changes such as the number of hours worked per week, CFY end date, or work setting can be submitted by letter, email, or fax.
Q. Do I need to acquire continuing education during my CFY?
A. A report of continuing education is not required during the initial licensing period (7/1 to 6/30), but will be required for the next licensing period even if you have not completed your CFY.
Q. How do I convert from provisional license to full license?
A. You must submit documentation of the successful completion of the clinical fellowship year within 30 days. This proof might consist of a photocopy of the AHSA CFY Report or other verification documents.